Mercado Negro is a nortorious Latin Underground Rap Label of 2015 lead by artist Big Los. Chino El Don, Beni Blanco and Durazo. Mercado Negro "Is Underground Mexican RAP" they are the creators of genre Narco Rap. Loved by the streets and feared by the main stream. The label has been releasing underground hits since 2003. Strickly for my Raza was the first record recorded by Big Los and it flooded threw the streets of both sides of the US/MEX border. It got picked up by Houston radio show "Choppaholix" and was the number one request single for 3 months straight. In 2004 the mixtape titled  "Off Probation" was released. it has been labeled a Barrio classic amongst the latin community. shortly after in 2005 Double Disc album Chingon sin los Chingones (Major with out the Majors) was released with hit single Me Vale Verga.

 Although the single had huge underground success the radio stations  could not pick it up due to its explict content. The single hit well over a million combined youtube views. Mami, El Mal Hablado, Soy Borracho, and Pancho Villa also received respectable reviews off the Album. In 2007 album Plata o Plomo was released. in 2009 album Mr. Tranzas was released. Late 2012 Mi Ultimo Operativo was released. 2014 Los Patrones was released with hit single Platicando Con el Diablo. The single received a million plus youtube views in under a year. The album was accepted on Pandora streaming with Top 10 Latino artist. 2015 Mercado Negro released Dedicasiones Malandras. (All Albums are available on itunes, Amazon, Spodify, etc.)


Dedicaciones Mala BigLos $12.99 for full album C.S.L.C BigLos $12.99 for full album Los Patrones BigLos $12.99 for full album Mr Tranzas BigLos $12.99 for full album
Plata O Plomo BigLos $12.99 for full album Off Probation BigLos $12.99 for full album Mi Ultimo Operativo BigLos $12.99 for full album


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